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Estate Sale ServicesGet Maximum Value For Your Estate Quickly & Easily with our Complete Estate Sale Services!

We provide a caring estate liquidation service at your time of need. Allow us to come and relieve you of the burden of having to sell everything, during this difficult time. Caring Estate Liquidators Estate Sale Services cover a variety of options and needs. Selling household contents requires organization and we provide all tables and locking showcases; including valuable jewelry and smaller staging items.

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Estate Sale ServicesOur Estate Sale Services Liquidate Your Estate So You Don’t Have To

Researching and evaluating each item to determine fair market value is another part of our estate sale service responsibilities. Generally 80-90 percent of the items are sold, but any remaining items can be picked up by charity for tax deduction, or we’ll contact a removal service. Promoting and advertising an estate sale in Colorado includes newspaper ads, website postings and email marketing reaching customers at our expense.

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Caring Estate Liquidators offers valuable estate sale services

img-thingTag sale services also include the safety and regulation of the home. Our system carefully limits the number of customers in the house at any time. Finally, all purchases are given bags and wrapping paper to carry home safely.

  • FREE and confidential consultations
  • NO UPFRONT COSTS or expenses for you
  • Flexible and competitive rates and commissions
  • Internet marketing
  • Advertising with newspapers and street signage
  • Photographs of all major items
  • Pricing of all major items for the sale
  • Professional sale staging
  • Tables, locking showcases and extra lighting
  • Experienced staff focused on sales
  • Security staffing
  • Post sale wrap-up


First Class Estate Sale Services by Caring Estate Liquidators

Free Estate Sale Consultation

All consultations are complimentary, confidential and scheduled at your convenience. During this time we will discuss all of our services and educate you as to what items are sellable and discuss in detail all of the services we will provide. If there is not enough to warrant a sale, we will be up-front and honest about it. Although many other estate sales companies will happily charge a substantial fee for a sale regardless of its success, we do not. We want this to be a positive experience which will be beneficial to us all.

Preparing for Your Estate Sale

Once we engage as partners for your sale, one of the first things we will do is select the date and determine if we will hold a 1, 2 or 3-day sale. One to two weeks prior, our professional sales team will spend 2-3 days in your home performing the key activities that will create impact such as organizing, optimal pricing and professional staging and display of your items. Our staff is the secret to our success and includes a pricing expert who will determine the fair market value of your items.

Recognizing Unique and Valuable Items

We strictly adhere to a policy that nothing is ever removed from the home for any reason. If you have a valuable item that requires an appraisal such as a piece of artwork, jewelry, or oriental rug, we will bring in an in-house certified qualified appraiser at NO COST TO YOU. This is one of the many value added services we offer which you will not find with many other estate sales companies.

Marketing & Advertising Your Estate Sale

We are fanatics when it comes to advertising and marketing your sale. We utilize multiple strategies including internet and social websites, newspapers, and professional street signage to advertise our sales to thousands. Your sale will be marketed on Craigslist, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for maximum reach.

We also take photographs and place them along with maps and details about your sale on all of the major estate sales search engines. All of this is at NO COST TO YOU. We believe the combination of attractive staging and comprehensive multi-format advertising is the best way to get real results!

During Your Estate Sale

We arrive early before the sale begins to tie up any last minute details and set up for the opening. Once the doors open we will attend to the public answering questions and facilitating transactions. As experts in crowd control we will efficiently and effectively manage the flow of customers into your home by ensuring that only the optimal number of people enter at one time. This number will vary based on the size of the home. It usually runs between 5 -20 people at a time. It is important to conduct “crowd control” to maintain the safeguarding of the home. In addition, it makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience which just encourages shoppers to spend more time and money!

Very often our clients ask if they should be present at their own sale. Our years of experience have taught us that is better for you and your sale if you are not. These events can bring up mixed emotions and in order to protect yourself we discourage homeowners or family members from attending. Instead leave the hard work to us, knowing you are in good hands.

After Your Estate Sale

As experienced estate and moving sales specialists we have lists of resources who can assist you in removing or donating your remaining items after your sale. Donations are an excellent way to support charity organizations while simultaneously gaining the additional benefits of tax deductions. We will guide you to ensure you are aware of all of the available options.

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